8 Creative Salads

Summer’s almost over but I’m still looking for some salads I can add to my daily routine, I especially want to try the dragon fruit and potato salad below because I’ve never had such combination of ingredients. If there are any salads you’ve seen or tasted that are noteworthy don’t hesitate to provide a link. Here are some of my favorites.

#1: Dragonfruit salad. Never had dragonfruit salad before and this makes me want to try some. Avocado, chickpeas, and sprouts..can’t be bad.

#2: Potato Salad. This salad looks so simple and normal but I like how they used whole potatoes instead of creating a mash up. The pesto they used is made of Cilantro and almond paste and I love Cilantro.

#3: Vertical pear salad. Another delicious sounding recipe (walnut, bleu cheese, arugula, and honey) and it looks very doable. I’ve had this combination of ingredients before they are made for eachother but I especially like the presentation. Love how it’s stacked, it might even be better after 20 minutes in the oven.

#4 Cobb Salad. Yes this has to be mostly made of avocado but that only makes it better. Source.

#5: Rubix Cube Fruit salad. Watermelon, Kiwi, and cheese blocks (not sure which cheese, maybe feta)..posted this more for it’s cheeky presentation. Source.

#6 Apple salad. Slices of thinly shaved apples with grilled zucchini. This website has some nice photography and salad ideas, be sure to check it esp if you’re vegetarian.

#7 Savory ice cream cone salad: I’m not so sure what’s in here, it looks like mozzarella cheese with baby tomatoes in a savory black sesame cone, but I like the idea. Found this on another website but the original source is here, also not so sure you’ll spend so much time on this site as it is a wedding photo blog. Source.

#8 Not really a salad but, I love how they serve it and the photo. More beautiful photos from this blog about their meal at Alinea. Apparently you’re allowed to eat it just not the dirt. They must give you scissors though right?