Crispy Penne

I love baked penne sometimes and the best part are those little crunchy edges. I boiled my penne until it was really soft and then I coated them in a little water and olive oil..Then I just baked them until they got very blistered and crispy on top.

For flavorings, I used all the same things you would to make pasta sauce. Fresh tomatoes, parmesan, and basil. Truffle oil and umami paste were also added.

Look at my new Umami Paste by Laura Santini. I got this in London, but it’s almost done already and I just opened it like 2 weeks ago. I’ve been adding it to everything because it’s so delicious. It tastes like sun dried tomato + anchovy paste..and there are other things in here I can’t quite put my finger on..maybe olives..but it adds so much depth and flavor to regular tomato sauces..But you can add it to anything. Soups, stews, crostini..

Mix the paste with truffle or olive oil.

It’s just a nice little appetizer… crunchy + soft penne is just delicious. I like to keep the flavors fresh, like I used fresh basil and tomato to top these..if you add sauce it will just make the penne mushy again which takes the whole point out of this dish, and you can see little specks of that umami paste in there too. More soon, thanks for reading.