Pancake Secrets

For years I wondered what made restaurant pancakes taste so good. I’ve made them at home and they never looked like pancakes. The looked like FRIED cakes. Look at this picture here for an example. The restaurant pancakes were always slightly chewy, soft, airy, and the batter was never fried. In fact they had a uniform color kind of light brownish for the crust. The crust didn’t look fried. If you use the right kind of non stick pan, you won’t need oil, just the slightest touch of Pam.

Starting with the batter, I have several secret things I do and the secret isn’t buttermilk: I add instant yeast, a little extra baking soda, and these two are so random you’d be like..that sounds weird and wrong..but yes I add some potato starch and a little bit of cottage cheese. Don’t ask me why these combination of ingredients make my pancakes taste equal to restaurant quality, but it just works. Lastly, most important, the batter’s gotta sit in the fridge overnight. You might as well not bother with pancakes if you don’t let the batter sit overnight. I have tested this batter on other human beings, and they never fail to ask me for a second batch. They wonder why it tastes so good.

I’ll have to divulge this exact recipe later on, with a full list of ingredients for you guys, thing is I don’t really measure anything but I can just feel when the batter is right, but yes I will work on getting the recipe down.

Today’s version are black truffle silver dollar pancakes.

Pancake crusts should always look like this. Uniform and brown.

Bubbly structure. Very moist and slightly chewy but still airy and not so dense.

Add caramel and some fruits..