An idea into a Machine

Way back in 2009, I posted something that almost didn’t make it to any of your RSS feeds and I’m 100% sure that it’s my most successful post thus far. I don’t judge success by my personal standards. Who cares what you, the creator, thinks. Self satisfaction is pretty dumb, so I just judge by my readers reactions, I find them quite accurate and at many times humbling. They say hindsight is 20/20 and this kind of post proves it. I finished this pie pops post but days before posting it I kept saying to myself, don’t post it, don’t post it, this is like…. really cheesy…. and not in a good way……But the post itself took me some time (not only to think of the idea) but to also create all the labels and drill holes into the plexi-glass stand. I thought better to just publish it than to waste those two days I spent on it. My idea of course was to just break down the pie and make it more mobile, it’s a smaller pie that you can eat it one bite.

The day after I was shocked by reader reactions. I couldn’t really figure out why people liked it, but my best guess is that its just a slight twist on a very traditional and classic dish, also the idea was do-able for most people, and lastly everyone has come in contact with a pie. Fast forward to 2011 you can again guess how floored I was to walk into a store and see a Pie Pop machine.



I thought the machine was very cute and perfect for the holidays, though I had nothing to do with creating this machine it’s still kind of surprising to see something you created turned into a machine. But, I’m not really sure why you would need a machine to replicate the pie pop recipe. One search on google images tells me that the idea can be easily executed without the machine. I consider myself pretty lazy, I mean, I even used store bought pie dough for the original pie pops. Since the machine cooks on both sides though, I guess it WILL ensure evenly brown pie crust, but I cannot know for sure unless I try it out. I did ask some friends and my mom (my most important source for honest advice) if the idea is in fact easy to achieve..she affirmatively says ‘No’, that even the people you tried those pops are not your average people and that the machine is in fact needed for people who aren’t really obsessed with cooking, that the people who tried it without the machine have very advanced cooking skills..I don’t know if I agree with her. I thought it was pretty easy. What do you guys think? Do you think you would really need the machine to make pie pops? My thought is that the machine is really PERFECT for moms and their kids, something to do over the holidays. I have to mention that wow, the price is really great, especially in these times..$24.99? So affordable. You can buy it here.