Just give me the first version

While looking for a particular bracelet that my friend forwarded me a link to (by Margiela, that I couldn’t find by the way) I stumbled upon these two dresses on YOOX.com from the COMME DES GARCONS spring 2011 collections. Deep inside I knew it was CDG, but for a quick second I was thinking, how the hell is Celine ss 2012 on sale already? Did I sleep 6 months and forget??

These wide belts and dresses are incredible (by cdg). And of course CDG isn’t exactly the kind of brand that will be blogged about by the fashion bloggers, because it’s not that ‘kind’ of clothing. You know that kind of Marant-Wang-Etc, the fashion-bloggable merchandise..I can’t explain but you know what I mean. I am very tempted to get both the top and dress. These are both just perfection.

Photo from YOOX.COM (check here)

Photo from YOOX.COM (check here)

Below, snapshots from Celine ss 2012:


Of course I really don’t care, nor do I think it’s bad for Celine to have this kind of look on the runway so soon, everyone has a right to be inspired, and anyway you can trace everything back to something. I respect Ms. Philo’s work ethic and that she isn’t the typical fame-chasing designer breed. I can also firmly say that her collections are always very strong and powerful. But her ss 2012 is definitely the kind that will gain considerable influence on all the major and non-major fashion blogs, I mean we can all already imagine the wide belt being styled and spun up by every young twenty something, and the shoes she brought down with that thick belt..you can also easily imagine Jeffrey Campbell doing a version (he might add like, 20 inches on the wedge or something, who knows).. I can’t believe I feel like I can see part of the future happening so clearly…But anyway, strange how the ‘inspired’celine version may be deemed trendy and cool, but the original version (by comme des garcons) being ignored to the point where the look is now rejected and left for sale on Yoox. And so ironic that the Comme Des Garcons version is available NOW, probably for half the price the celine’s version will be… I am so tempted to buy both the dress and top, if you’re smart you’ll probably snatch them up now. The Comme des garcons top is total perfection.