Purple Tacos

Someone please tell me why blue corn is called “blue corn”. It looks purple!!

Another snapshot of spices and variety of red pepper grinded. I also included “Sula” which is a Mexican version of sour cream. It tastes more like a combination of sour cream and Mayonnaise. Saltier and creamier. I prefer regular sour cream. Also included here is some Queso Blanco, authentic “white cheese”.

Marinade for Chicken. As you can see I prefer the dark thigh meat over breast meat. It is juicier.

Some Alcohol for the chicken.

I wish you could smell this. Hopefully in the future they will have computers that spray aromas
as you view pictures. I always wished my TV had an aroma spray for FOODTV.

Yikes. Spicy hot dried peppers for a mole/warm salsa sauce. I can take alot of heat
I don’t know about you.


Purple corn grinding. Oldschool style.

Purple corn powder, I worked hard!

After some warm water, and flour and purple corn maize, this is what you get.

Taco Machine, again oldschool.

Look at the little speckles that didn’t get fine enough.

Okay so salsa with jalapeno, onion, cilantro, garlic and all the fixings is great. But I also like reallly simple finely diced tomatoes with onion juice and salt. Really fresh and you taste the actual tomato.

Green tomato, the OTHER salsa. Look at the greenscale!


Instead of guac, I like fresh avocados with fresh cilanto laid down on the taco.

All the fixings, along with some spicy chorizo browned up. Adds a little salty bite.

Rolled up like sushi handrolls! WEIRD!!!!

The rest.